Tuesday, 19 January 2010

2nd Sept 1761 Bout a pint Rum 15d 6th Bout a Spieing Glass 5/- 1 Vol Tattlersle a song book 3d

Here is a telescope of about the right date. I can't make any sense of the book he bought. Can you?

Went to Covent Garden Play House to See an oratorio of Samson Organ Mr Hanley Violin Signor Giardini the King & all the Royal Family was their 5/-

Giardini, pictured below, was an Italian violinist and composer who settled in England.

The King was the soon to be crowned George III

He was not married so there was no Queen (yet) but perhaps his mother, Augusta, Princess of Wales, accompanied him?

He also had brothers & sisters. He would, of course have had the usual quota of hangers on and flunkies!


  1. The book: isn't it a single volume of the Tatler, and a song book for threepence.

  2. The dates are a bit odd for Tatler - it seems not to have been published regularly at this time. I suppose things didn't go out of date so fast in the 18th century.