Friday, 28 October 2011

Sunday 5th Feb 1764

Maid my appearence with my wife at St Peters Church. She had come to see heras Follows Mrs Young Miss Streley Mr Richard Mrs Evans Mrs Toopotts Miss Petterer Miss Grant Miss Leatham Mrs Abbey Mrs Cox Mrs Green Miss Mather Mrs Biggs by Mrs PlowmanMiss Jerom Mrs Burin Miss Bilby Mrs Partridge Miss Cant Mrs Truman Mrs Gibson Mrs Boot Miss Burditt The Revd Mr Chappell Mr Knowles Miss Bigsby Miss Mason Mrs Heathcoat Mrs Edge Miss Rosin &Mrs Tutin Mrs Bettison & Mrs Allison

It would seem that the first appearance in church of a married couple was quite an event.

Mr Chappell was newly married himself but his wife is not in the list.

The name "Toopotts" caught my eye - there are no google results for that and very few for Topotts.

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