Monday, 26 September 2011

19th January 1764

Thursday was Married with the Said Elizabeth Newton at St Peters Church in St Peters Parish in Nottingham betwixt the Hours of 8 & 9 O'Clock in the Morning by the Revd. Edward Chappell Rector of the Said Parish of St Peters in Nottingham
gave him for marring of us 10/6
gave the Clark 4/- Saxton 2/- Ringers 10/6
the Waites of the Town 5/-
Drumer 2/-
Gloves given away on the marriage 12 pair of Kidd Gloves 22/- per Dozn
Bride Cake 12 pounds Mr Topotts 12/-
8 Bottles Red and White Mountain 13/4
2 quarts of Rumm 5/-
8 Wine Glasses 4/6
1 Bottle French Brandy 2/6

8 am? Imagine the response if you sent out the invitations for that time today!

The "Saxton" should be "Sexton", effectively the church caretaker.

I've mostly drawn a blank about 18th century marriage customs but this family history site shows that there was a Topott family living in St Peter's Parish in the 18th century and that they were confectioners!


  1. Hello Madelaine

    Re your post about the Kover watch:

    I inherited a very worn non-functional pocket watch that is marked with the word KOVER on the dial and has Kover LONDON 7629 engraved on the back of the mechanism.

    I have discovered little more about the watchmaker Kover than you have. An expert from The Worshipful Company of Clockmakers has said that he is inclined to think that Kover was either Dutch, or was an invented name.

    I would love to have an electronic copy of the page from the Account Book that refers to the Kover watch; would that be possible please


  2. I've only just found this! Will scan it in sometime next week and send it to you.