Friday, 15 July 2011

17th March 1763

Spent at the Swan with Two Necks in Lad Lane in Punch with some of my acquaintance 4s
& Lay their that Night Paid for my Bedd 12d

Paid Linen Washing 4/6 Newspapers 2/-

Newspapers were not for the ordinary man at that price, were they?

The Swan with Two Necks is long gone but here is what it looked like around 1800

The pub name 'The Swan with Two Necks' is a corruption of the phrase 'The Swan with Two Nicks' meaning a swan with the Swan-Mark of the Vintners Company. (source)

And the pub was mentioned in Pepys Diary on the 5th April 1664.

It was a major coaching inn during the 18th century, of 28 mail coaches which left London each night, half were horsed at this inn. (More information)

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