Thursday, 5 August 2010

15th October 1761

Went to Drury Lane to see a Wonder a Woman Keeps a Secrit Don Felix Garick Alissia Mrs Sibber wth Harliquin Ranger.
The King & Queen & the Royal family was their 2/3

The first play, by Susanna Centlivre, is still in print you can read the text here. This picture shows the author, who died in 1723.

This, somewhat later illustration shows Garrick playing opposite a different actress

Mrs Cibber was an actress & Singer who Thomas has mentioned before. Here she is playing opposite David Garrick in another play. This portrait is by Zoffany

He has also seen Harlequin Ranger before

Sadly, there do not appear to have been any suitable portraits of the King & Queen arriving at the theatre. Where were the paparazzi when I needed them?

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