Wednesday, 24 March 2010

5 May 1761
Went to See Mr John Payne at Merton in Surry. 10 miles from London
First Place Clapham Balam Tutin uper Tutin then Merton

I think Thomas must be living west of the City this time (he hasn't told us where he is, just the name of his landlord, Thomas Hall). If he walked this journey from the City it would be 15 miles. From Chelsea it is 11 miles. He has the route wrong as he would have reached Upper Tooting before Tooting.

Gentleman Seats at Tutin Scott Esqr Santiloes Esqr Salvidores Jews Hammon Esqr at Merton Alderman Chitty Esqr Medcalfs Esqr & the Abbey where they Print Cottons & Linnes and Bleach em after one man pays 1500 pounds a month Duty

I wish Thomas used more punctuation!

"Salvidores" should read "Salvador". The family were leaders in the Sephardic community in London and Francis Salvador was the first Jew elected to office in what is now the United States. After a crash in his family's fortunes, caused by the Lisbon earthquake (1755) and Francis left Europe to seek his fortune in South Carolina, where, in 1774, he was elected to the South Carolina Revolutionary Provincial Congress.

John Payne appears to have been buried in Merton Churchyard ... see here

Alderman Chitty was involved in the case of Elizabeth Canning, a famous 18th Century mystery

he Abbey where they Print Cottons & Linne" is Merton Priory Calico Works. William Morris owned it for a time and Liberty & Co bought part of it in 1904 and the part owned by Morris in 1940.

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